• our partners •

We’d like to thank and recognize our rescue partners. Without them, we would not be able to accomplish our goals of saving lives!

Spay Today Neuter Now – We have been partners since 2011 with this wonderful non-profit organization that truly cares about animals as much as we do, ensuring the good health of our animals, as well as preventing our local shelters from overcrowding. Spay Today Neuter Now has gone above and beyond to guarantee our rescues are helped quickly. They are an amazing and kind group to work with.

Red Rocks Animal Clinic – We can assure you that the staff at Red Rocks Animal Clinic care about your pets as much as you do. We have been incredibly impressed with their expertise and warm hearts. Dr. G is an incredibly giving veterinarian who is dedicated to saving and improving dogs’ lives.

Summit Dog Rescue – A wonderful organization that we love and continues to wow us every day. Their mission is to save dogs that thrive at high altitude from horrible, high kill shelters and place them in loving, forever homes in the Rocky Mountain region. Generally their dogs are medium to large in size, and often have thicker coats, and really enjoy Colorado’s incredible mountains!